Your home is a reflection of you and your family.. 

If the grass is cut and the leaves are blown but everything else is unkempt and overgrown then your yard is not at its very best.  That’s what we do, we make the entrance to your home its very best.  But we don’t stop there because even though the front of your home is for everyone to enjoy, your backyard is your special haven. Our goal is to make that a place you can come home to and enjoy without lifting a finger.

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Design & Installation 

Initial consultation

Plant selection and work schedule provided

Irrigation check and repair

Removal and clean out of all plants, trees and shrubs to be replaced  

Soil amendment and tree trimming 

New plants, shrubs and trees added

Need more?

Lawn edging with Bend-A-Board

Drip system installation

Lawn reseeding and sod installation

Pot and container gardens, living walls and water features

Holiday decorating available

Maintenance Services  

Monthly or bi-monthly grooming

Pruning, deadheading and weeding

Scheduled fertilization and twice a year soil conditioning

Pest and disease control

Monthly billing

*We do not "mow and blow"




We could not be happier!

“We could not be happier with Lisa’s Garden Therapy. We moved into our new home and were told by our neighbors that the rose bushes bloom wonderfully and are more than 30 years old. The problem for us was that they sat in the middle of the yard, hindering us from having a play area for our son. Lisa is an expert at roses and told us that she could move them to the perimeter, we just needed to wait for the right time of the season. She took great care to prune them and move them at the right time so they didn’t go into shock. Our roses are thriving and our son has a full yard to run in. Lisa also landscaped our yard to add height & depth to it focusing on plants that are hummingbird & bee friendly. Her monthly service is very affordable and I love that we don’t have the normal “chain-sawed” garden look. Her service has added great curb appeal to our house and we are so proud of it.”

— Tisha. Hollywood Riviera, Redondo Beach.

Thank you!

"We love, love, love our new garden, vines and potted plants and we've grown to love you too!"

— The Anthony Family, Redondo Beach.

A relaxing oasis!

"We can’t tell you how much more we enjoy our yard and courtyard since Lisa has been taking care of it! Our outdoors has been transformed into a relaxing oasis - entertaining is now enjoyable. Thank you Lisa, for your loving care!"

— Donna, The Avenues, Redondo Beach.

I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted. Then I met Lisa.

“No matter what I did for my flowers and landscaping outside my home, I couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted. Then I met Lisa. She and her team not only knew what to plant in various places, but also how to fertilize and keep them looking beautiful. My geraniums have never looked this healthy and full of color with their blooms. At the same time I was placing my house on the market to sale. Having them plant new flowers and do the maintenance gave me confidence to know that the house looked cared for and well manicured. I am very grateful that I met Lisa and her team. Not only are they extremely competent, professional and dependable, they really seem to love what they are doing. Thank you Lisa and Bailey at Lisa’s Garden Therapy.”

— Patty. Newport Beach.