Growing gardens, beautifying storefronts and giving homes for sale much needed curb therapy in the South Bay. 



Home Gardens


Your home is a reflection of you and your family.  If the grass is cut and the leaves are blown but everything else is unkempt and overgrown then your yard is not at its very best.

Staging Homes for Sale


Remember when home staging was new and realtors said nobody was going to pay to have their home staged for potential buyers – now it’s the norm in most cases.  But what about curb appeal? 



When someone walks by your shop, do you want them to fall in love with it even before they cross the threshold?  We can take a dirt plot and turn it into the most welcoming entrance that you’ve ever dreamed.


“We can’t tell you how much more we enjoy our yard and courtyard since Lisa has been taking care of it! Our outdoors has been transformed into a relaxing oasis - entertaining is now enjoyable. Thank you Lisa for your loving care.”

Awarded to the Haupt residence, Oct 2017 by Riviera Garden Club & Homeowners Association.